Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Generosity Day!

Valentine's Day giving you the blues? Are you single and alone and two steps away from a bag of chocolate...yes, I'm talking to you.  The chocolate coma is not worth is, I promise.

Let's change angles.  Let's shift our perspectives.  Instead of, "What a sh*tty Valentine's Day this is for ME," let's make it about someone else - anyone else.

Today is Generosity Day.  It is the day we have put off far too long. It is the day we have told ourselves time and time again, "I'm going to help out that guy on the street one day.  I'm going to give to a charity or cause one day.  I'm going to be the generous tipper at a restaurant one day.  I'm going to be the brave person who talks to the lonely security guard one day. I'm going to reconnect with that long lost friend or family member one day." Well, today is that day.

Today is the day.  Today is the day we can choose to feel sorry for ourselves and to throw our very own self-pity party.

Or, we can choose to act out what Valentine's Day is really about: love, compassion, empathy, generosity, connection, vulnerability, belonging, and courage.  That's right.  No where is Valentine's day about chocolate, self-pity, self-doubt, candy grams, and plastic hearts.  It's true.  Wal-mart, Target, the convenience stores, grocery stores and commercials have all been lying.  I promise.

Today is the day. Meet someone new.  Give a little more.  Stretch your mind and your heart.  Feeling nervous? Never done anything like this before? That's okay.  There's a first time for everything.

Furthermore, I promise you really can't fail at it!  All you have to do is be human and attempt as best you can to feel what someone else feels, practice some genuine empathy, give. You will surprise yourself.  You will do these things with raw and genuine generosity without any contrived superficiality.
Remember you really have nothing to lose.  On the contrary, you only have joy, connection and a deeper understanding of the human condition to gain - if you dare to go that far.


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