Sunday, March 25, 2012


This week is looking pretty nuts (pun intended).

Research, reading articles, writing articles, grants and papers, searching/applying for the "one" (internship of my dreams this summer), surgery cases, diabetic ketoacidosis, rounding in the AM, the daily debate: trauma surgery or academic family, keeping up with the Affordable Care Act decision, and I'm hoping to squeeze in some run time for the half marathon coming up.

So, with that said,  I'll try to keep the blog updated with some links/videos of either current events I find important or stuff like this: inspiring and exciting solutions to global health problems :)

Problem: Not enough condoms in the world--> Bad public health outcomes (increase in unwanted pregnancies, increase in STIs, increase in stress and mental health problems) PLUS poor economies! (Yes, poor health--> poor people-->poor health--> poor people!) It's a terrible cycle and EVERYTHING is related.

Solution: Meet Sir Richard's Condom Company, a company of the 21st century.

30 years ago, hey, 10 years ago even, anyone who would have tried to do this would have been looked at as utterly insane.  This is only the beginning of solving never before thought solvable problems.

It's a pretty cool time to be studying medicine and public health. 

Speaking of, study time.

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