Friday, January 6, 2012

Game of 5s

My public health partner in crime, Christine, invented the Game of 5s this year in lieu of New Year's Resolutions.  I thought I would give it a shot and play, and I think you should to.

5 things I want more of in my life (most of which is inspired by my experience abroad)

1.) Eating meals with actual people: In medical school, I tend to down coffee and chew gum continuously while attending the University of Tegrity (sitting in front of a computer screen listening to recorded lectures).  Skipping meals and eating randomly hunched over notes is not healthy for my body, soul or social life.  In Nepal, all meals are with people. You eat slow, enjoy life, and are still productive.  This habit has to find a way into my medical school routine. 

2.) Dancing: In Nepal, there is ALWAYS time to dance and reconnect with your body.   Modern jazz class, here I come.  Thanks Mom.

3.) 50 hours of clinical shadowing for starters: the poorest people are the sickest people, and the sickest people need the best doctors. (This will not begin until after neuroscience, but it WILL happen.)

4.) Read 5 of the stack of books ordered from Amazon this year that I have only read the intros or half of: Country of my Skull, Disposable People, Three Famines, Strength in What Remains and A Long way Gone.

5.) Connect with or call a family member at least once a week.  I let that go way too often.

So here's the deal.  Time is of the essence: not only for my neuro exam Monday, but for this leap too. Therefore, so that I can study, I am asking for your help.  By now there are around 100 of you that consistently read this and believe in the project enough to check up on how it's going.   One of you even lives in Ukraine.  That's right, I just called you out, and I need your help.

Play the game of 5s with me.  Send this blog to 5 people that don't know about the project yet.  No matter who or where you are, let 5 new people know about it.  The only way for this leap to be successful is if the community of people who believe in the project grows.  So no matter who you are and why you read this: if you're my mom, you're a fan of Edge of Seven, or if you have been surfing the web and have nothing better to do, I seriously need your help. Please take this leap with me. In return, you have my most sincere gratitude and the gratitude of Edge of Seven and the girls in Salleri, Nepal.

Go. Leap. Play.

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