Sunday, January 29, 2012

Steps 1, 2, & 3

Neuro Exam #2 on Tuesday: that means a serious lack of progress, but fear not.  My jog today was consumed by how the Phoenix Fund is going to move forward (when some would argue it should have been consumed with straightening out the Cranial Nerve lesions).

For lack of time, I'll update you on my first 3 steps I will be able to fully commit myself to post-Tuesday and until Neuro Exam #3 crunch-time.

1.) Build and perfect my 118.  I will then be testing it on various professors and unexpected research subjects at school and in random places throughout the city.  Muaahaha: What's cool about social entrepreneurship research is no IRB required. (I think?)

2.) Business cards: I have a little campaign idea up my sleeve.

3.) Leap year meet-up fundraiser.  This all got started with the Leap Year Project, so I'll be having a Leap Day fundraiser party... stay tuned for when I get it on the map.

By the way- a special shout-out to Christina, Robyn, Mason Jar and various anonymi (anonymous plural?) that came through for my birthday! 


  1. victoria lynn lawn. always up to something.

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