Thursday, January 26, 2012

Training for the Marathon

So here it is: the big announcement.

I'm in this for the marathon, the training process; this is not a sprint to the finish line.
Rather, I'm training to build this thing like one trains your body for a marathon, and if you don't like the training part, you're pretty much sh*t outta luck.  I have fallen in love with the process, and will keep this blog and project going...indefinitely? This will grow slowly, and I mean really slowly, but it will grow inevitably.  It will grow most likely at the pace of molasses freely pouring from a jar, or better yet, at the pace of a snail. Just like The Format sings, "Snails see the benefits, the beauty in every inch," for this to grow right, and the way I want it to, I need to consider everything: evaluate all the possibilities for growth, and not be too eager for the instant gratification of success.

We know what happens when you jump the gun; you set yourself up not to last.  You push yourself too hard leading to burn-out.  I can't afford to do that.  There is too much to lose.

Just like the ecological model in public health, when you take time to consider all the possibilities and all the complexities, you realize the daunt of a problem, but you also understand an objective place to intervene, and you won't miss anything!

I can't miss anything.  Medical school, public health, boards studying, being a friend, a sister, and a daughter are all priorities.  One can  not haphazardly or absentmindedly try to save the world. Quick fixes do not work.

I'll take the example of congress to further illustrate my point. If you try to put band-aids on problems caused by deeply rooted structural violence, you won't gain anything but a lazy reputation by your constituents and meaningless wealth to push you further into a cycle of greed. Sure, money can by you power, but it doesn't buy real influence: the influence that matters, that changes hearts and minds that will ripple into change that outlasts economic waves.  What does that have to do with my little cause? I'm not risking anything.

I'm on guard at all times to protect the emotional and financial investment those (some even perfect strangers) that entrusted their 25-100 dollars to me to get this thing off the ground.  Living out my passion for building this scholarship fund deserves urgency but more importantly delicate care.  I have to make this sustainable and a little (seriously, only a little) practical to last.  I need to build a foundation for something to grow.  The past month I built my personal foundation.  I have affirmed my own convictions as well as my capabilities, but now it needs a more tangible foundation.

So, to start the foundation, I'll attempt to spell out the concept clearly and concisely, but staying true to my snail-like pace, and to make sure I make it to Economical and Political Aspects of Healthcare on time, I will be doing that tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Before I leave my lair though (a computer lab with no windows or even people for that matter), I wanted to give one last thank you to those that believe in my idea, have stopped by to read my blog, and who have donated.  Some of you I have known my entire life (Gehrke, Andrea and Julie), some are total strangers (the many anonymous), and some are other young people I have met who believe in and work tirelessly for social change (Charlie Brown and friends).  All of you made my 25th birthday so special yesterday.  And lastly, a very special thank you to the Leap Year Project and LittleWhiteCoats for truly believing in me.  The little nods of encouragement really make a difference and help me keep my head up.

PS: If you just stumbled across this little project and feel moved: you can still donate, or even take your own leap! Go ahead. I know you want to!

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